Arachnid Warrior WIP (Demo for Kalen's Class)

This one is for Kalen's students who wanted to see where I am taking the rough concept from the class demo. Its gone through a bunch of changes already, and if you were in the class you might not even recognize it lol. Thank you whoever yelled out spider, its been really fun trying to design it and I'm kinda happy with it, for now (this was almost a rhino). The goal is to have the finished posted here by next week so we'll see if I end up doing that lol.

Water Spirit

Decided to enter the 2D Drawing Challenge at cghub. Here's my entry for Water Spirit.

Valta Priestess Boss

Boss Illustration for Chronicles of Herenvale, with retouched areas. :)

male hands study

looking at these made me realize I don't have the most masculine hands. 1-14 are of my own hand. how depressing :/

Fire Boss

Boss illustration done for freelance. dragon carcasses, bones, lava drool, giant pool of Magma, the Devil, lets just throw all of that together and see what we get.


some designs for treants. inspired by the druid tree forms in Wow. Also realized I should do some tree bark and branch studies...

UPDATE: added the third row of treants. done after the reference of branches and trunks. No.11 was intended to look closest to the original design in wow, but still significantly different.

Mutant girl

refurbished an old post with some Joshua Middleton inspired lineart. She's supposed to be a mutant with telekinetic abilities. The original had some floating rocks to help push that.

Pretty Steps

This method of study was introduced to me by my awesome buddy Anthony Jones, aka Robotpencil.

Step 1: Using no reference draw or paint something
Step 2: Do a photo study,
Step 3: Try to apply what you learned without using reference.

Top 3 Things I learned:
1. Eyelashes make up the biggest and darkest values.
2. The bridge of the nose can be left almost white and given shape by the shadows behind it.
3. Lip Values can be more of a flatter gray and contain wrinkles that travel vertically.

A soft light gray value added to the cheeks can give a more youthful appearance. incorporating the tearduct into the eyes, the jaw outline of the face is one dominant curve but adding 2 slight indents can imply muscles underneath the skin. adding grey values on the bottom lid, closer to the tearduct can push the round form of the skin around the eye. At the outline for the forehead has a slight indent just above the farther eyebrow.

NOTE: These notes are about the things I learned from this specific photo reference. They might not apply to all women's faces but can help to provide a general understanding of values.

Dragon Slayer

fantasy character demo fail today. I blame our internet ¬¬. anyways I ended up making this character without procaster, a little bit of skyrim meets guild wars art? Nothing more fun than drawing girls and dragons :)